Be involved

WHY? Because sharks play an essential role in a marine healthy balance.

As apex predators on almost every marine ecosystem sharks play an essential role in a marine healthy balance. But, unfortunately many sharks species are being fished to the brink of extinction. And this, it is still unbeknown to most people.

For us, shark fishing is not sustainable at all. And knowing the European Union is one of the major actors in the worldwide shark fishing and shark fin trade businesses, we believe that working together on marine education is the first step to save sharks, the ocean and our planet.

And, it is your planet too.

WHO? Everyone

We work to enhance sharks’ awareness among everyone. We work students, with teachers, with scuba divers, diving centres, schools and other educative institutions; we work with different environmental organizations, local governments, fishermen and other marine stakeholders, whether throughout the promotion and organization of new educative and cultural events, or on developing and supporting citizen-science based research projects.

Shark awareness is certainly something our volunteers and public will take home with them. And we believe shark conservation consecutively will come.

HOW? Be volunteer

Our principal focus of work is the development of the issues related to the marine environmental education of the younger and their active participation in the conservation of the sharks’ species in their natural habitats.

When we ask our volunteers and events’ participants what have they learned from any activity, or how do they feel after knowing what they’ve learned there, they all are unanimous in one point: they say they feel more confident now to talk about sharks and discuss with friends and family why we need to change our fearful perception of sharks, and why these magnificent creatures are actually the ones who need our help.

Come on board and join our team!

Why can’t we live without sharks?