Carlos Gavina

Why sharks with Carlos Gavina?

Carlos Gavina was born in Angola, and went to Portugal when he was 12 years old. Being part of a fishing family, he has developed an intimist and deep connection to the sea, since he can remmeber. It was with his family, as a child that he went out to the sea and saw sharks for the first time.

Carlos function onboard was to capture all sharks that approached the nets and prevent them from destroying and to be trapped on them. Sharks have always been present since then on his life and on all his environmentalist attitudes.

His passion for sharks remained and with maturity meant that he dedicated himself to protecting the species he loves. Conservationist, ecologist and staunch advocate of sharks, it is the role he decided to take.

30 years as a professional in the field of corporate advertising have allowed him to apply his deep knowledge and experience in defending the cause of endangered sharks.

An apnea diver since he remembers entering the sea, and a scuba diver since 2000, from Catsharks to White Sharks, Carlos Gavina has travel the world to dive with sharks, and we may say he has “seen them all”.

Nowadays, and being a strong activist on ocean conservation, Carlos Gavina is one of our Sharks Educational Institute Board Members and our Correspondent in Spain as well.

Since 2021 he’s also founder and member of the Portuguese Association ‘SEI Portugal’ Direction Board.