Why sharks’ awareness events with Desirée?

Since very age, Desirée Puente have loved enjoying the sea and all its the marine biodiversity.

As she grew older, Desirée start discovering that ocean balance was even more wonderful than she thought. That was when she fully understood the importance of respect and care for all marine life forms.

In 2016, Desirée traveled to Costa Rica and she had her first experience with sharks in the wild. She simply loved it!

In 2019, got her first Open Water Diver certification with PADI, and after that little by little she have been acquiring more and more awareness of the marine balance environment and the role sharks play on it. Professionally trained as an expert in Customer Service in different sectors, Desirée has also specialized herself throughout her career on events’ organization.

When the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Stop-finning, Stop the Trade’ came out in 2020, and called for volunteers to give a voice to the sharks, she didn’t think twice and actively participated on the Spanish citizens’ mobilization to support that initiative.

For Desirée, it is very important to raise her voice and talk about the consequences for our ecosystem if sharks continue to disappear as quickly as they still are. Since 2024, Desirée Puente, is also a Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent in Spain.