Núrya Inocentes

Why sharks’ educational events with Núrya Inocentes?

Núrya Inocentes was born in Portugal, where its deep blue sea has always fascinated her. While doing her degree in Biology, she then realized the beauty of elasmobranchs – and since then, her thirst for knowledge about these fantastic creatures has only grown.

In 2013 Núrya graduated with a specialization in Marine Biology by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, and became a MSc in Marine Biology by the University of Aveiro in 2016.

It was also in 2013 when she first experienced the wonders of Scuba Diving, being now an Advanced Open Water Diver she looks forward to improve her training as an expert scuba diver. She also has a Skipper’s License, which allowed her already to work in an ecotourism business company in the Algarve for one year. While she did not directly work with sharks, it was there where she had her first encounter with a shark on its natural environment, a Hammerhead.

Since March 2018, Núrya joined the SEI’s international team as a member in order to lend her voice to sharks, these wonderful creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

Nowadays, she is one of our shark advocates and, as she likes to spend her time raising awareness about all things ocean, namely the dangers of plastic pollution, and the needs of shark conservation, we are also happy to count with Núrya as a Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent in Portugal. Since 2021 she’s also founder and member of the Portuguese Association ‘SEI Portugal’ direction board.

Come on board and join our team!