Peter Mainka

Why sharks with Peter Mainka?

Peter was born in 1954 Germany. He started with photography as a hobby in Technical College Workshops. As an avid amateur photographer, there have been several attempts to take pictures under water.

Arrived in UAE in 2001 as a happy Advanced Open Water Diver. Only this very year he got his first real UW camera from Sea & Sea (Color slide).

He experienced a lot of differences from topside photography. Quiet some of the color slides have been digitised later and are still shown. Advanced in diving up to PADI Master Instructor.

Reluctantly giving in the analogue photography and changing to digital compact cameras with proper housings and strobes.

Around 2009 he got a proper housing (Subal with several ports) for the Nikon D300 and some powerful strobes (Hartenberger) and results are improving with growing experience while diving all over the world when on vacation from his real job as an Electronic Engineering Consultant.

Since 2018 Peter Mainka is one of ours’ Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent in the United Arab Emirates.