Selvam R. Nath

Born in India, Selvam Ravindranath Nath is a Marine Biologist with a large experience in Education, Research and Management. For the past 18 years he was academician in the secondary school and college level, and has served in various countries like Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives and National Board of Higher Education, State of Eritrea apart from India, having now a large experience in Marine Science Education and Management in several multi-cultural environment, both within the institutions and social levels.

In the past few years, Selvam has worked as Principal Investigator for “Studies on the stock assessment and management of shark in Eritrean Red Sea” funded by the Eritrean Research Fund (ERF). As a pilot study in this area it covered the basic population studies, identification and age determination of sharks in Massawa Red Sea coast area.

At the present date, Selvam is working for the VSO International as Subject Expert in Marine Biology, in the Philippines where he is responsible for the Coastal Resource Management (CRM) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs based on the capacity building for Livelihood to the community.

Apart his Masters Degree in Marine Biology, Selvam possesses a second Masters Degree in Computer Science which makes him very much familiar with the computer applications, like Data Processing & Management, GIS, in the scientific studies.

Selvam Nath is a certified PADI Dive Master which helps him also to develop his skills to work on the marine science environment for the resource assessment, planning, and shark conservation.

Highly motivated to work upon the Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management aspects, through education regarding the management and conservation of all the marine resources, Selvam R. Nath is a field oriented fellow that can bring light to the conservation and management aspects on the marine resources and its wise utilization.

With his experience in working with multi-cultural environments in the academics and research areas on resource management and livelihood programs, and in order to bring awareness throughout education as well as practice on ground, Selvam has become one of ours Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent in India, Maldives and Philippines.