What we do


With the Sharks Educational Institute volunteers, we work close to each marine environment and habitat, on an observation and surveillance basis working and promoting as much as possible existing and new citizen-science projects.

Depending each species and habitats, shark diving is for us, the best opportunity we can explore to understand shark different behaviours.

To make each observation a continuous learning process, our Shark Diving Courses are prepared in detail to each different shark species.

Educational projects

Our education experts design and advance new educative programs and active measures oriented to the young students and their teachers, when aimed at their blue knowledge development.

Our best projects are created in cooperation with schools’ pedagogical developers customising each learning technique to the best satisfaction of each young public level.

Scientific projects

On a first level, our members and volunteers along the ocean fronts, promoting seaside walks and cleanups where we listen and share our marine conservation experiences.

Besides those kind of sea de-pollution events, and in addition and importantly, in the areas and zones we can act, our teams promote and organise art events such as performing initiatives, film festivals, draw and painting contests, among other forms of expression where sharks’ roles on the marine balance assurance are highlighted.

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