Carlos Pérez

Why sharks with Carlos Pérez?

Carlos Pérez Murcia, also known as “Profe Tiburón”, (the “Shark Teacher”), is from Colombia. With a degree in Biology from the Universidad de Los Andes, Carlos is also a Diving Instructor, currently active, in the Caribbean Sea.

Always passionate about ocean conservation and marine environmental education, he has developed a special dedication for youth leadership and scientific communication. Carlos is a really shark lover and ARTivist, leader of the virtual educational program “Club Tiburones” (The Shark Club).

Carlos Perez is now an educator at the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) and he is actually President of the hub of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance for Colombia (SOA Colombia).

“Profe Tiburón” as he is known, believes in the power of art, children and youth, and on advocacy to save our ocean. For all these reasons, Carlos is also, since 2022, the Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent for Colombia.