Kayleigh Hyslop

Why sharks with Kayleigh Hyslop?

Kayleigh Hyslop was born and raised in United Kingdom. Thanks to her amazing parents, since a young age she was able to travel and see the world. At the age of 12 Kayleigh went diving for the first time, evidently sparking her devotion for the ocean.

In 2013 Kayleigh graduated from Plymouth University with a BSc Hons Degree in Conservation Biology. Her dissertation studying the impact of by-batch from long line fishing, highlighted the issues facing shark populations worldwide. Soon after graduating she headed to Utila, Honduras, to start her career in the diving industry.

Now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, she is working her way around the world trying to make a difference through education. In 2017 Kayleigh ventured to south Africa and was fortunate to dive with blacktips, hammerhead, bull shark, white tips and whale sharks.

In 2017 Kayleigh started her blog ‘Follow The White Fin’ for people to follow her travels and adventures and to share her passion for all marine life with the world. After her work in the UAE with Sharks Educational Institute and Sea Shepherd to protect the local species of blacktip reef sharks. Kayleigh believes that the scuba diving community is the key to Sharks survival, therefore she uses her job to educate all her students in the importance of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Since 2018, Kay is one of ours’ Shark Adviser for shark diving and sightings.