Sezginer Tunçer

Why sharks with Sezginer Tunçer?

Prof. Segnizer works at the Department of Marine Science and Inland Waters as Senior Researcher and he is Head of Dept. Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. He does research in Systematics of elasmobranchs and their ecological knowledge and conservation biology of fish in the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean. And he has also some new research on lessepsian species and their parasitic organisms.

Since 2009, Segnizer Tunçer is an Academic Board Member at the Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Temel Bilimler, Deniz Biyolojisi and have published many articles in journals that entered SCI, SSCI and AHCI Indexes. Along his large academic career he has made his Doctorate, Graduated and Post Graduate qualifications at the Ege University, Fen Fakültesi, Biology , in Turkey.

His main Research Areas have been Marine Sciences and Technology, Oceanography, Biological Oceanography (Marine Biology), Live Marine Resources, Fisheries, Marine Biology, Life Sciences, Hydrobiology, Biological Oceanography, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology. After his large teaching and academic experience on marine conservation, we are honoured to have Professor Sezginer Tunçer as Sharks Educational Institute Correspondent in Turkey since 2020.